Thursday, February 20, 2014

Stirring up the soap pot

Wow! It's been a while.  I won't make excuses, but will say real life gets in the way sometimes.  But we're gearing up for the new  season and shows, farmers market, wholesale accounts are really keep me hopping.  Once year end inventory was complete, the soaping begins.  I suppose this is the one good thing about long dreary New England winters, there is plenty of time to get creative once more.

The Spring (if we ever see it) lineup is almost finished. We've added some new soaps selections and kept some of our long time favorites.  And a long time it's been... Next month we celebrate our twentieth anniversary here at Cricket Corner Herbs and I'm as excited as though it were our first year in business!  So Happy Anniversary to us!

Summer  market will be opening before we know it. and this winter we've joined the new Berwick Winter Farmers Market that's been really awesome! For a first year market, the turnout has been just remarkable.. thanks for all your support.  I almost wish it wouldn't end.. but I think all of us New Englanders have had just about enough of this white stuff.  :-)

Looking forward to getting my hands back in the dirt in the gardens.  So far, the croccus have always come up! Only 27 more days til Spring!