Monday, March 20, 2006

Singing in the Spring rain

I'm Singin' in the rain... just

singin' in the rain... What a

glorious feeling, I'm happy again!

Finally it's March. I'm saying this with

fingers crossed because all of us New

Englanders know so well, we can "march"

our way right into Spring or take an

about face into Winter for another

storm or


( or more.. ! )

As I sit looking out of the window this morning I can see the first signs of season. Spotty patches of grass peek out from underneath the remains of winter snow.

Last Autumn's leaves blow aimlessly down the road. Looking out the window at everything so brown and bare... I find it difficult to believe it ever will be Spring. When I take my afternoon walk, I will hear the little brook that runs along Cricket Corner Road. It flows only when the snow is melting. I know that when I hear that sound... I will believe that Spring will indeed come... and that .... 'the croccus always Do come up'.

I will watch the first robin and ants and wiggly worms after the rain. I will feel the wind as it roars... and the calm of the morning when I run out to get the paper from the box. I will do it barefooted for the first time this year.. wishing I had waited just a bit longer.. to test the ground! :-)

As the days and weeks go by, the grass will grow, taller & tender. The air will be fresh and clean.. the Spring winds & rain will see to it. Buds will appear. I'll search for the color green that I can only see in the Spring. I look for it, as I see those first buds.. hoping that I won't miss it when it arrives. I'm wondering if you've ever noticed it too? It's a green that only appears for one magical moment during the changing seasons. It's the green that arrives in the leaves, the wind, the grasses and air. It's a shade of green that only appears in nature. NO crayola or paint can duplicate this shade. It's the green of Spring, it's God's green.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Spring lineup

We've been busy soaping our Spring herbals, making healing balms and firing up the greenhouse! Though it's still pretty chilly here, it's always fun to be seeding while the snow falls overhead. I've been playing with swirls/colorants of late with not much success, but I will plod on! :+)