Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kidding Around

It's just around the corner...Spring!  If the long winter has gotten you excited to get back in the garden, indoor seed starting is a great way to scratch that nagging itch.  While it's not the same as being outdoors working in the soil, it sure can pass the time until Spring arrives in full force, and I cannot wait!  Here's a few things I've been sowing...  peppers, onions, eggplant, basil, basil, basil, rosemary, shallots, scented geraniums, calendula,lemon balm and spilanthes so far.

I've been soaping up a storm, readying once again for farmers market and the curing racks are nearly full.  Some old, some very new and we've decided to add to our line a bit this year.  So stay in touch for all the updates...though I'll have to admit, once this weather breaks..I'm outta here in a flash!  :)
And through these long dreary winter months, I started dabbling around with felting..felting soap bars.  My dear friend Rita at Rita's Wooly Batts was kind enough to share a whole sack of her hand dyed rovings with me to practice on.  I'm just loving the results! Of course I'm certain I wouldn't have been so pleased without these lovely wools to choose from.  I'm still working on the labels for these, but now have forty-eight ready to be tagged.

You can always tell when Spring is quickly approaching, because on most farms it's lambing and kidding season.  I've been having a blast visiting all the new babies so far this season..  Bring it on.. Spring!