Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Humble 'Pot'... Marigold

Calendula officianalis also known as 'Pot Marigold' is one of my favorites in the herb garden.. for not only their showy colorful appeal & addition to any garden.. but medicinal, cosmetic, culinary & dyeing benefits.

Yes, this humble plant has been an inspiration of herbalists and gardeners for centuries. Named for it's ability to bloom every month of the year, Calendula comes from the latin, 'Calends' or 'New Moon' and since the calendula flower head follows the sun.. it's also known as 'summer sundial'.

The flower itself means 'winning grace' in the language of flowers and you'll get no argument from me here, with colorful hues from pale yellow to bright deep oranges.. but the sweet calendula has been valued as a 'wellness herb' for centuries. Some marvel at it's ability to soothe pain and prevent scarring. It's also an excellent antiseptic, thereby preventing infections. Calendula is commonly used to soothe skin and reduce inflammation. Additionally it is good for small children to help alleviate skin disorders and diaper rashes. The dried flower heads are used to flavor soups & stews, added to the dye pot for some marvelous earthy golds & yellows, or added to a natural healing balm.

The flower petals are the most resourseful part of this very versatile & lovely plant and contain the highest concentrates of healing resins.

So, in honor of this wonderful herbal we have formulated one of our newest creams.. The Humble 'Pot' Calendula Cream is marvelous for very dry skin, problem skin, ezcema and even babies bottoms! Calendula flowers, comfrey leaves, Mugwort flowers in a base of organic apricot kernal, sweet almond and coconut oils, Spring water, rose water, orange blossom honey, beeswax, mango butter, carrotseed oil, Vit E and pure essential oil of lavender. An elegant face & body cream reminiscent of our summer gardens that will leave your skin soft & moisturized.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

August Spotlight ~ Monoi de Tahiti Offerings

August Spotlight ~ Monoi de Tahiti ~ Soap, Elixir & Creme

Monoi de Tahiti

Our Monoi de Tahiti 'nectar to the skin' offerings.