Wednesday, June 01, 2005

One of my 4 herb gardens Posted by Hello

In the greenhouse

Part of the overflow nursery

Kids at Play - Rosie & Bella Posted by Hello

Sea Glass & Beach Rose Goat Milk Soaps Posted by Hello

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New Goat Milk Soap Labels Posted by Hello

Herbal Goat milk soaps

With the 'kids' arrival & bottle feeding, of course comes much fresh goats' milk & I've been soaping up a storm! Compound this with much rain and rapid spring growing season.. many herbs are almost in flower here.. the comfreys have already been picked & infused along with patchiouli, burdock root, costmary, evening primrose, of course we mustn't forget dandelions and this week the calendula's have blossomed too!
If I haven't infused them in oils.. I dry the rest and into my soaps they will go. Powered up fine or included in my lye pot.. the variant hues are pretty remarkable and it's really a nice feeling knowing that I've grown most of what goes into my herbal bars. I honestly can't say just how much of the actual properties of the herbs remain through saponification, but in my mind it surely can't hurt adding them if for only colorant hues and textures. I just love using them up!
I've been on a 'round' kick these last weeks making an assortment of goat milk soaps for the upcoming summer shows and designed the cutest goat milk labels for all. Part fo the fun of being a soap maker is in the packaging.. a headache? Most definitely.. but once I decide just where I want to go with it, I thoroughly enjoy this part of the process.
Some new shots of my herbal soaps, goat milk soaps & lotion.