Saturday, December 02, 2006

Celebrating Christmas Prelude

I thought it might be nice to share how we celebrate a part of this season..

Part of our holiday season will begin this evening.. our town has a 'Tree Lighting' ceremony. Though we haven't had any snow yet, but a few flurries.. thank gawd!! LOL It's very hometown.. everyone comes out for it... Santa will arrive...carols will be sung.. candles will be lit that everyone will carry..& of course the tree lighting will take place... and in our church, the sound of the lovely bellringers perform their magic.. then later a potluck dinner & xmas cookies for all! Here's a shot of of last years tree in our village.

Next week begins cookie baking for me.. 20 or so of us bake assorted xmas cookies and make up tray supon trays that we will deliver to over 200 elders, & shut-ins this year. It's a very special project for me.